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You know why I love this place?.... I love here because well I don't have to lie about who I am and specially because my friends would never find about this site..... it's like a diary to me you know.... people I have on facebook or email, people who call me "friend".... just annoys me....... like yesterday.... I was talking to this girl.... I will call her "N" here.... So I know N for like uhmmmm........ maybe a year?.... we were never close you know..... and i never went back to where we used to meet... i stopped going to thoose classes..... thing is that we never hada thing to talk about and sometimes when I wanted to talk something to her, a person was already talking with her, so I just didn't mind anymore... if she wanted to talk to me she could come but I wouldn't come to her..... people never notice me you know, why should I bother? I'm used to beeing very quiet already, I'm not suppose to open my mouth if people don't direct their words to me, and so I do.... I don't give my opnion very easy....... uhmmm now going back to the main topic....

So N really didn't talk much to me, and I wasn't bothered by that.... sometimes N wanted to spend time with me but there was always another person, and N focus on the other person more than me.... so now that i don't show up anymore... N wants to meet me, just me and her.... I'm a little mad because when she had me she didn't mind, and now that i vanished she wants me?!? Why?.... I'm not confused..... I just don't like theese things....... why now she cares about me? just because i vanished?... she says she misses me..... 

I have to go now.... guess i will wirte something some other time...

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