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Uhmmm... today I am here... thinking about you... my heart echoes, and I start to listen to your voice, my special one. I'm not going to hide it, I do am in love, a shame I can't hold your hand right now... hug you, tell her I don't want to be not even a sigle minute without her... she calls me, and automatically my eyes close when the call starts, it may sound a little silly for many you know? "Why you close your eyes?"... if it is a skype call, I will plug my head phones ona dn again just close my eyes, if it is a call on my cellphone I will gently place it on my ear and close my eyes once again... "But why you do that?"... for a single reason... if my eyes are close I feel she is in front of me, and not far away, because I plug my headphones, the sound doesn't echo, it goes directly to my ears, and it feels as it is so close you know? I feel like if I stand my hand I could hold her hand or maybe just stroke her cheek... it's lovely in a way. I see pictures of you, I listen to your voice on the videos, sometimes I watch the video on my computer, so I can see your smile increasing slowly, and when I notice I am already melted, having a big silly smile on my face.

I guess love is different for every person.... but if you would ask me how is love, I would tell you this.
"It's this amazing feeling, you feel your heart skip beats and you feel butterflies in your stomach. It's something bigger than the universe, you just can't explain you know? You feel that burst of energy inside of you, your eyes start seeing the world different.... just like a dream, birds singing on a tree, you see leafs dancing in the air while the wind is blowing, you see shapes on the clouds, when the night comes and you see many starts and you say to yourself that the stars is not enough to point everything you like on the person you love, and the best part of it is that you know that is not a dream, because the person is there with you everyday, you open your eyes and there is the person smilling at you saying good morning, and before sleeping on a cold day, instead of getting alot of blankets the person just cuddles into you, and you want to warm your love and your love will warm you back. Today you wake up and say to yourself 'Yesterday I thought I was in love for him/her but today I woke up and I am feling a stronger feeling', and on the next day the same happen and it happen again and again, and you say to yourself  'Okay, this is love, today I love her/him like the infinite and tomorrow will be infinite +1'. Some will say it doesn't even make sense, it's infinite, how can it have a +1? And well I can't explain it.... because it's not my mind that is saying it, it's my heart"

Well this is love to me..... that is how I feel about my special one.... I do am a dreamer, but I know I'm not dreaming, I close my eyes and there is she holding my hand... it is a shame I can't hold your hand yet right dear? But once I can hold, our paths will cross and our two roads will become only one, and if in our way we hurt your ankle, I'm not going to leave you behind and keep walking, I will stay next to you and then you will place your arms around my neck and I will carry you on my back, I'm not going to leave you... I feel our relationship is a little unfair you know hehe *smiles gently* it's because I'm very far on beeing someon perfect, I have many flaws, and you my rainbow flower, in my eyes... *smiles gently*, you are simply perfect

I am dedicating this story for you... and I want to share with everybody about my feelings over you, your name I shall not say here, because it's secret right? hehe.... your username is Kitty..... Awwwwwwwwwww I took this long to notice about that..... you used the nickname I gave you.... *smiles gently* Fee, I remember the talk like if it was yesterday hehe.... I took long to think about that nickname, and I just thought with myself "hey, it's the little things that are important", so I nicknamed you like my nickname hehe.... Buu&Fee *smiles gently*

KittyFee, I love you <3

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Posted on 07:32PM on Jan 15th, 2013
*smiles shyly* i love you too, Buu.. so much <3 i am very happy that you wrote this story for me... i am melted and i just moved by the way you talk about me and your feeling here...
Posted on 07:37PM on Jan 15th, 2013
I just noticed today that your username have the nickname I gave you >...< so silly of me hehe, I am ashamed I took this long to notice
Posted on 11:41PM on Jan 15th, 2013
hehehe.. really just noticed? and well dear? i am not perfect.. i also have many flaws... >..
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